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Human Resources Management Policy

• To suggest and to implement the most suitable human resources strategies and policies in accordance with the Company’s vision and mission.

• To Add individuals who are Dynamic, competitive, innovative, and ready for teamwork to its’ structure. And to ensure their improvement on their careers.

• Always trying to work with individuals who target the best, the most accurate and the most effective.

• To give training opportunities to every member has been added to ICC Group, to prepare the educational processes for the develop ment of their branches, and to increase their productivity.

• To keep the efficiency of every member continous by providing process management and performance evaluation methods.

• To be ensure that all members act in accordance with social and legal responsibilities in all areas of activities.

ICC General Application

Today ICC accepts all individual applications about existing positions and / or possible positions in future.

Applications will be saved and reserved in candidate database. In case of proper positions, individual details, qualifications and competencies will be evaluated according to the needs.

You can send your current CV document to info@iccgrup.com to complete the application.